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aBouT uS

hOMe | sIgn OUr gUEstbOOk |vIEw OUr gUEstbOOk


Simply, we're a group of diverse people who meet up every Holy Week to seek "adventure" in places not frequented by many...

So, how did all these travelling began? And how did a group of four friends grew to six, then eight, and now, ten? Let's try to analyze first our complicated connection with each other...

Ellen, Nova, Laiza & Alvin were all classmates in UST-AB CommArts Batch '95. Alia & Barok were also classmates in UST-AB CommArts Batch '96. Ellen, Alia & Barok were all members of Artistang Artlets. Alia, Barok & Alvin were all members of the UST-CAST. Ellen, Nova, Laiza & Alvin were Alia & Barok's seniors. Ellen, Nova, Alia & Joseph all worked before in ABC Channel 5. Liezl was also from the UST-AB CommArts Batch '97. Barok & Liezl were classmates in UP-CMC Graduate School. Alia & Barok were Liezl's seniors, making Ellen, Nova, Laiza & Alvin, her "Lola (& Lolo) Seniors!" Os & Ramil are Laiza's officemates from Sunlife. Roselle is Laiza's co-member in the Philippine Shooting Team. Sheila & Issa were Roselle's schoolmates in UP and co-members from the UP Shooting Team. Lanie was Barok's classmate from high school. Barok & Jelay were friends from the GeoPinoys. Wena & Laiza were classmates from the UST Graduate School.

Now, to help you draw our genealogical tree, here's a crash course in the History of the Holy Week Travellers:

Way back in 1998, four friends went to Candon, Ilocos Sur. These were Nova (originally, from Candon), Ellen, Alia and Edward. Having such a great time, they decided to do the same thing again the following year. By 1999, the trip was set but only Ellen, Joseph, Alia, and Barok pushed through with the plan. Edward had other plans and Nova was stuck at work. Since the four were already at the bus station, they decided to make a go for Ilocos Sur, come what may. By 2000, the four grew to six with Nova and Laiza coming along for the Sagada, Mountain Province trip. 2001 was at the Camiguin Islands with the same people and a newbie, Liezl. 2002 was at the Cagayan Valley with Ellen, Nova, Alia, and Laiza and newbies, Roselle and Os. The Cagayan Valley trip was hooked up with Batanes where Barok catched up with the group. 2003 was a "tuhog" trip to  Bohol, Negros Oriental and Siquijor with Ellen, Nova, Laiza, Barok, Roselle, and Os and newbies, Sheila and Issa. Lanie also joined the group in the Bohol trip. 2004 was spent in Panay Island with the same people who joined the Batanes trip in 2002. The newbies this year were Jelay and Wena. 2005 in Surigao del Norte, Agusan del Norte, Misamis Oriental and Lanao del Norte brought again together the original batch, Ellen, Nova and Alia; the first batch of downline, Barok and Laiza; the second batch of downline, Roselle and Os; the third batch of downline, Jelay and Wena; and two MALE newbies, Ramil and Alvin.

There! Got it?

I wonder who will join us next year? And who won't? IKAW?!?! Join ka na!