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The DOME Expedition Tours (DETOUR) was established in 1996 to cater adventure enthusiasts in the tourism industry. Geronimo M. Garcia, a member of the De Oro Mountain Exploreres Club (DOME) Inc. conceptualized it. Its first venture is the Noslek Canopy Walk, which is an eco-tourism project funded by the Department of Tourism. Other adventure tours are white-water rafting “pinoy style,” family camping, river trekking with waterfall hopping, scuba diving and technical caving.

The idea of packaging adventure tours came from Mr. Garcia’s experience as a member of the DOME Club (founded in 1992). The club basically promotes outdoor activities for fun in promotion of environmental conservation. These activities are primarily the core of the packages of DETOUR. DOME member who are trained and qualified with the necessary skills relevant to outdoor activities are tapped by DETOUR as primary guides to its tours.

Following hereunder are the various tours, their description and the corresponding packaged rates. For inquiry or reservations, please contact JEROME GARCIA, DEPT. OF TOURISM-10 or SENNY S. MACAS.


Imagine a series of viewing decks connected by hanging cable bridges situated 100ft above ground inside a lush tropical forest – this is it. It is designed for nature lovers that want the feel of being suspended on air.

The Walk is a 2-hour ride from Cagayan de Oro with a side-trip to Silkworm Center. From the drop-off, it will be a 1-hour trek uphill. The day trip is good for 10 hours only and the package rate includes fees, transfers to and from Cagayan de Oro and equipment usage. Food is excluded.

For convenience and safety, guests are advised to wear rubber shoes or trekking sandals, trekking long / short pants and to bring extra shirts and jackets in case of rain.



If you delight in waterfalls, this is your trip. Experience the crystal clear and natural coolness of the Magbais River. Enjoy dipping and even swimming in the every nature-made pool you find. You might also get to climb a waterfall.

The series of waterfalls is a 2-hour ride from Cagayan de Oro with a side-trip to a Silkworm Center. The whole trip will be a river trekking activity. It is good for 10 hours only and the package rate includes fees and transfers to and from Cagayan de Oro. Food is excluded.

Here, guests are expected to get wet. Extra clothing and shoes/sandals are musts.



Experience a 150 ft. cliff rappel at 500 per pax, minimum of 4 pax.



For those who wish underground adventure, experience a two-hour exploration of Kweba de Oro. Perfect for beginners and experienced spelunker.

From the City of Cagayan de Oro, it is a 30-minute jeep ride with side trip to the historical Makahambus Cave and Gorge. From the drop-off, the site is a 30-minute trek. Harness will be issued to all guests as they have to rappel a 110ft. vertical entrance.

Guests should be ready to get wet, so bring extra clothing/shoes/sandals. Food and snacks is excluded in the package. Waterproof flashlight is an advantage.

This is a half-day trip for a maximum of 10 guests.



Want to maneuver the Cagayan de Oro River rapids without the hassle of paddling? Then try rafting the Filipino way! A ride on a “pinoy” raft in grouped or solo is the ultimate white-water adventure.

Rates are 3,600 for a minimum of 4 pax, P 4,500 for 5 pax, and 5,400 for 6 pax – the maximum number in a group. This is a half-day trip for a maximum of 12 to 18 guests. For a day-trip, the rate is P 1,200 per head with a minimum of 4 pax.


Dive the Mantangale way and witness the beauty of nature beneath the waves. The site can be nearby the Mantangale Alibuag Resort or in the depths of Camiguin. The package includes dive gears, dive guide, boat ride and lunch. Wet suit and accessories are available for rent and sale.

Rates are P 3,000 for 2 dives and 2,000 in nearby site.



We can organize and recommend locations for these types of trips. Rates are dependent on the number of participants, desired locations and the gear requirements for the specific size of the group.


NOTE: Jerome Garcia may be reached through mobile number 09194043930 and e-mail address